Zombicide Prison Outbreak Campaign: part 1

This is the first write up of our experiences running Prison Outbreak as a campaign, using the rules I described in my last post. Short recap, it’s basically the rules from Ultimate Survivors #1 with a couple tweaks and loss conditions. If any character perma-died, we’d consider it a loss of the mission. If we lost a mission, we’d restart at the state we entered with. Overall this worked really well for us and if we were a little more careful we could’ve done a lot better.

The rules for the expansion are on the zombicide site (as are all of the rules).

M00 Tutorial: The break-in

As expected, this mission was pretty easy. It’s rated as medium but it only started with three active spawn points which isn’t so bad. Having cars makes the mission quite a bit easier too. We managed to complete it without anyone getting beyond yellow threat level. IT’S LULLING YOU INTO A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY FOR LATER!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 11.54.20 AM
Three spawn points and cars. What could possibly go wrong?

M01 The Blueprints

Start in the prison, get all the objectives, get back in the prison and clear. Oh, and you start with an Abomination on the board. This mission was rated Hard, and based on the tutorial mission being rated as Medium, sure, I believe that. Again with the false sense of security…

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.16.43 AM.png
Only 3 spawn points, but rated Hard. Huh?

This mission wasn’t so bad. Sure, the mission starts with an abomination on the board but you can spend as much time as you want on the inside searching for all the weapons and only three spawns are ever active if you’re careful. Once you’re ready, open the white door, let the abomination walk in then slam the door shut, trapping it and whatever it came in with inside the prison. When we were finally ready to leave, we kept two survivors by the violet switch. One starts the round opening the door, the other ends the round closing the door while the rest of the survivors shoot anything that has accumulated outside the door. Once that was taken care of, the 4 best geared survivors popped out and grabbed the objectives while fending off the horde.

M02 Finding the keys

This mission was rated “Medium”. After M01 was listed as hard we figured this should be a cake walk. NOPE! That’s complete crap. This mission has 5 – 6 spawns and two hidden Abominations. Medium? Hah! This is actually the only mission in the campaign that we failed at and had to restart. Coming into the mission we had a few experience cards giving us +1 damage with the Fire Axe or extra attacks with specific weapons. Even with that, it was terrible.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.39.27 AM.png
5-6 spawns, two hidden abominations that you have to reveal, and inaccessible spawn zones? AHHHHHH.

This is the mission that proved for us that giving Ultimate Wanda, a fire axe & the +1 damage with fire axe card is super powerful. Powerful enough that after this mission, round 1 consistently involved someone handing off the fire axe to Wanda for whatever she had. Bloodlust Melee with the ability to take down anything? AMAZING. Each time she got a new ability, we just gave her a fire axe upgrade. Even so, it was difficult as the zombies spawned at a pretty good clip, leading us to level at a good clip, leading to more zombies and eventually extra activations. Yeah, it was rough. Oh, and each time we spawned the Abomination it just so happened to be in the security door buildings. Getting out of there was a HUGE pain.

The third time on this mission we made a concerted effort to lead the zombies around the board, then run through the middle building, then dash to the finish. Much cheering was done, though this was the mission that we had the first two characters flip to zombvivor. Unlike later missions, we were happy to get out with just those casualties.

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