Zombicide Prison Outbreak Campaign: part 1

This is the first write up of our experiences running Prison Outbreak as a campaign, using the rules I described in my last post. Short recap, it’s basically the rules from Ultimate Survivors #1 with a couple tweaks and loss conditions. If any character perma-died, we’d consider it a loss of the mission. If we lost a mission, we’d restart at the state we entered with. Overall this worked really well for us and if we were a little more careful we could’ve done a lot better.

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Learning to Draw! Day 2

Day one was all about drawing spheres. Day two… was all about drawing spheres. Many spheres! Drawing rows of them, drawing stacks of them, drawing them with different textures, drawing large ones, drawing small ones. I wasn’t consistent but I am pretty happy with how they came out. Mostly for the stacked spheres of different sizes w/ the variations in shading & the wooden texture sphere. That said, I’m ready to be done with spheres. Tomorrow, cubes! Continue reading “Learning to Draw! Day 2”

Zombicide: Campaign Mode

Last year, Wendy and I purchased Zombicide at GenCon and it languished for a while. Eventually we broke it out when we had some friends over, played it and were hooked. I really wanted to play again but our setup in that apartment didn’t really allow for doing that. Then we moved to a larger place.

Now we have enough space to leave our table set up for games. So we started playing Zombicide. The base game is pretty good but a few missions in, it started to feel stale. In parallel we’ve been playing Imperial Assault with a few friends and the campaign nature of it is addictive. Each mission we’re stronger and the Empire is stronger and choices you make affect later games. What if we did the same thing for Zombicide? We really enjoy Zombicide as a two player co-op game so how do we extend that to make choices meaningful?

It turns out there’s no single, official way of running a campaign for Zombicide. Summarizing the options I’ve found:

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